Preserve your Collection: Framing your Posters

Preserve your Collection: Framing your Posters

Preserve your Collection: Framing your Posters

For some people, collecting posters is a serious business. Poster collecting can be a fun but costly hobby and one of the most important considerations should be framing your posters. Frames play a critical part in maintaining the value of your posters. Helping to protect them from damage caused by general wear and tear, picture frames not only enhance the appearance of your posters, they also allow you to display them, transforming your collection into truly decorative focal point.

Choosing the Right Frame

Measure the poster’s dimensions

It is important that the frame you purchase corresponds with the poster’slength, width and thickness. Some frames can only accommodate thin posters, so measuring the thickness will be helpful, especially if your poster is made of a thicker material like art canvass; there should be a little less than an inch allowance between the poster and the lens - this is to prevent them from sticking.

Select the appropriate frame style

The choice of frame to suit your poster is a matter of personal taste. If you still don’t know what type of frame you should use, wooden frames are a popular choice – they are classy, yet understated, blending seamlessly into any décor.

Consider the glass that comes with your frame

The normal glass for frames is heavy and can break easily, which makes it unfitting for collections. Vivarti frames by default are supplied with Styrene glass which is considerably lighter and shatter resistant; it is ideal for areas wherein safety is a concern.

Hanging Your Poster Collection

Decide where to mount your poster

Determine where your poster will best fit in. A general rule of the thumb is to avoid placing it in direct sunlight or in any area with an extreme source of light - exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause your poster to fade.

Double check if the frame is displayed correctly

A crooked picture frame can mess up the whole look. Perfectly aligning your frames is an art in itself, especially when you’re hanging a group of them together. Stand back and adjust accordingly to make sure they are level and straight. Vivarti provides high quality picture frames that can accommodate your poster framing needs - we offer ready-made poster frames at an affordable price. Call us today on 0845 838 6886 for further assistance.