Framing Your Favourite Shirt

A favourite team's football shirt, a beloved band t-shirt, memories of a gig that was out of this world - there are many reasons for framing your favourite shirt and now it doesn't have to cost the earth!

Vivarti have produced an easy-to-use, do-it-yourself shirt framing kit which allows you to frame your favourite sports, team or music shirt cheaply at home.

Framing Your Favourite Shirt

The unique registered design allows the shirt to be stretched around a specially designed template and then held in place by shirt adhesive tabs, which is then secured within the frame using a very simple wire tension system. This means you can place the shirt level within the frame with great ease. The use of the adhesive tabs allows the shirt to be removed at any time without damage, unlike many other similar frames that often require the shirt to be stitched into place. Watch this helpful video and see for yourself how easy it is to frame your shirt at home.

Vivarti's Sports Shirt Display Range comes in a choice of sizes from infant to adult with options for displaying your photographs alongside the shirt which mean these frames also make excellent, personal gifts. Buy a sports shirt frame now!