Framing children's art - Family hand prints in frame

Ideas for Framing Children's Art

Framing children's art is an inexpensive way of brightening up an empty wall. Mix and match frame types and sizes for a home gallery wall effect. Vivarti have a huge range of budget frames perfect for curating those mini masterpieces.

Children's Gallery Wall

White frames are the perfect choice for a coloured background and are really striking if grouped together in different sizes. A uniform white display is the sophisticated option for framing your kids unique art work.

Vivarti recommends: Gloss White Picture Frames for your gallery wall.

Create an Exhibition Art Wall

Create an art wall in your hallway or playroom and change the display from time to time to keep it fresh and keep your chilren inspired to create more great art. Your kids will love discovering who's pictures made it into the gallery and you get a whole new wall makeover on a regular basis.

Vivarti recommends: Black Frames for children's art walls.

Create a Collage

Create a collage of their favourite work in one fabulous frame. The bigger, the better to display a whole host of wonderful artwork. Pick colourful pieces to go in a plain frame for a gorgeous gift.

Vivarti recommends: Thin Oak Frames or Thin White Frames to let the child's art stand out.