3 Creative Ways to Hang Your Picture Frames

3 Creative Ways to Hang Your Picture Frames


The best thing about picture frames is that they are exceptionally versatile; they can be mounted on any surface, enhanced in any way you please and arranged to suit any taste or theme. Picture frames have become a modern day staple in the do-it-yourself community and a go-to section in many designer stores.

Here are three ways to hang your picture frames:


Ribbons, Twine and Chains


You can tell a story with multiple picture frames - these are best hung with ribbons, twine or chains. Pastel-coloured ribbons will add elegance and charm, while twine will give a more natural and rustic finish and brass chains will add a touch of sophistication.

VIVARTI RECOMMENDS: Thin mahogany frames work well with vintage chains for a modern twist on an old fashioned style.



If you’re the kind of person who loves changing displays frequently, photo shelves are for you - shelves are ideal for thicker and longer frames. If you want something a little more delicate and minimalistic, try using narrow ledges. The concept might be simple but it can really bring out the colours and tones of any room.

VIVARTI RECOMMENDS:Classic black frames look elegant and sophisticated when paired with white walls and black shelves. Try any of the frames from our Black Picture Frames range.

Placement Matters


Maybe you already have your own technique for hanging picture frames but you don’t know where to put them all. Try them on staircases or corner walls, as they are often the most forgotten places in the house. Gather all your frames and arrange them in different ways. You can also use frames of varying sizes to make the display even more striking and appealing. No more boring corners and staircases!

VIVARTI RECOMMENDS: Our Budget Frames come in a variety of sizes and colours, perfect for your staircase or corner wall gallery. 

The possibilities are endless, so let your imagination and creativity run wild. Vivarti has a wide range of affordable and quality frames that are available in different sizes, colours and finishes - better put your thinking cap on!

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