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Unusual Places to Hang Your Picture Frames

Windows 2Image from pinterest.com

Before you hang that frame on your bedroom or living room wall, we urge you to stop and think about it. While these rooms and their walls are commonly adorned with framed photographs and artwork, there are other places in your house that desperately need your attention. From bathrooms to windows, here are the most unusual places you can hang your picture frames:


kitchen framesImages from: pinterest.com

You probably spend more time in the kitchen than anywhere else in your home, especially if you’re the chef of the house. Why not spice things up a little while you cook with ingeniously framed artwork?

Vivarti Recommends: Black goes well with anything and everything! Our Black Ash Picture Frame will add a little elegance to your kitchen.


Bathroom 2Bathroom 1Images from: pinterest.com

The bathroom is probably the last place you would ever think of decorating but answer this: which place in the house do you often do your thinking…?  Not only will framed pictures and art add to the overall appeal of your bathroom, they will also keep you company!

Vivarti Recommends: A frame with a glossy finish will make any photo or artwork pop. Elevate the style of your bathroom with our Gloss Black Picture Frame.

Angled Ceiling

Angled Ceiling 2 Angled Ceiling 1Image from: pinterest.com

If your attic doubles as your office or library, don’t let that angled ceiling go to waste! Cover the entire expanse with picture frames containing quotes and notes of inspiration.

Vivarti Recommends: The subtlety of our Oak Veneer Wood Picture Frame can add to the serene atmosphere.


Windows 1 Windows 2Image from: pinterest.com

Windows connect you with the outside world but if the view doesn’t necessarily appeal to you, hang your framed art and photographs over your windows. You could also place them in between the curtains for a more sophisticated look.

Vivarti Recommends: Go bold and chic with our classic Thin Gold Foil Wood Picture Frame.

Non-Working Fire Places

Non-Working Fire Places 2 Non-Working Fire Places 1Image from: pinterest.com

Bring life back to your old and non-functional fireplaces by dressing them up with framed photos and art. They’ll surely be the centre of attention.

Vivarti Recommends: Simplicity can make a striking statement too. With our Matt Black Box Frame, your images will always stand proud.

Room Divider

Room Divider 1 Room Divider 2Image from: pinterest.com

Why conform…? Try turning your pictures into a wall or a divider! Turn heads by hanging picture frames in between different room spaces.

Vivarti Recommends: Our simply elegant Panoramic Thin Cherry Finish Picture Frame is perfect for the job.

Picture frames - unlike any other interior decoration - are flexible.

Enhance your bathrooms, kitchens and other unique places with quality picture frames from Vivarti. We have a wide variety of affordable frames that are available in different sizes, colours and finishes. For enquiries, please contact us on 0845 838 6886 or email frames@vivarti.co.uk.

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