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Quality, Affordable Picture Frames

Picture Frames for Every Occasion

For New Year’s Eve 1Image from: pinterest.com

Picture frames usually stay in exactly the same place for very long periods of time. They are often left untouched – usually gathering dust. The photos inside are almost never replaced by newer, more vibrant ones: year after year, it’s all just the same.

Your picture frames are tired of being left on the shelf! Alternatively, they can serve as heart-warming gifts and eye-catching, multipurpose decorations - all it takes is a little creativity!

Here are some picture frame do-it-yourself ideas for special occasions:

For Valentine’s Day

For Valentines 1 For Valentines 2

Images from: pinterest.com

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love. Do you and your significant other like to travel? Cut heart shapes out of maps of the places you have been together; frame them and you’ve got something really special that will remind you of your adventures. Why not make a heart-shaped collage of all those irreplaceable memories?

Vivarti Recommends: our Thin Matt White Picture Frame keeps everything simple but it can still manage to make all your photographs and keepsakes stand out.

A gorgeous wooden frame with a heart aperture that is perfect for Valentine’s Day, why not put your beautiful pictures in our Hanging Photo Frame Rose Design.

For Mothering Sunday and Father’s Day

For Father’s Day

Images from: pinterest.com

Show how much you appreciate your parents by giving them an extra special Mother’s Day /Father’s Day card.  All you need is quality picture frames, the cards, some adhesive and voila – thoughtful gifts that they will surely cherish.

Vivarti Recommends: with a deep moulding, our Matt White Box Frame will bring every little detail of your cards to life!

For Halloween

For Halloween 1 For Halloween 2

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Do away with all those generic decorations - cobwebs, plastic spiders, skeletons… They are just not scary anymore! If you really want to spook your neighbours at Halloween, get creative by using framed vintage images; there are tons of prints online that would scare the pants off anyone.

Vivarti Recommends: want to make your old-fashioned images really terrifying? It’s all in the frame. Wood frames such as our Wide Dark Brown Wood Picture Frame will make vintage photographs positively scream at you!

For Christmas

For Christmas 2 For Christmas 1

Images from: pinterest.com

There’s nothing like a wreath to signal the start of the festive season! Why not make one Christmas decoration that’s both unique and totally memorable? These personalised wreaths can brighten up even the dullest corner and they also make great gifts!

Vivarti Recommends: frame your family memories with our Silver Finish Picture Frame!

You can also display your precious photographs in our Six Hearts Multiframe – who needs a wreath?

For New Year’s Eve

For New Year’s Eve 2 For New Year’s Eve 1

Images from: pinterest.com

Start the New Year as you mean to go on - display the highlights of the previous year with framed picture collages! Compile all the moments that made an impact on you throughout the year - a new job, a brand new house, a holiday… it’s up to you!

Vivarti Recommends: you’re gonna need quite some frame to display all your pictures from the previous year; our Panoramic Gloss White Picture Frame will encapsulate all of those special moments.


Put the special into occasions with quality picture frames from Vivarti! We have numerous frames that are available in different colours, sizes and finishes. Want to know more about us? Drop us an email at frames@vivarti.co.uk or contact us on 0845 838 6886. If it’s worth remembering, it’s worth framing!

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