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A Picture Perfect Wedding

Bride and Groom Gallery 2Image from pinterest.com

There are small moments and then there are more noteworthy occasions—times that never leave us no matter what, as they have been embedded deeply into our minds and hearts. Probably the biggest milestone in anyone’s life, weddings are among the most special events that are celebrated across the globe.

Of course the bride and groom will be the centre of attention but the whole setup and general ambience of the wedding venue should be befitting of this mammoth occasion; you don’t need extravagant and intricately designed wedding decorations to make a statement! Affordable picture frames can be cleverly utilised to make the most personal bespoke wedding day decorations. 

Aisle or Pew Decoration

Aisle or Pew Decoration 2 Aisle or Pew Decoration 1Images from pinterest.com

Now this one’s my favourite!  Sure, flowers and bows can make anything ordinary into something really extraordinary – but if you are not a flowers and bows kind of person… well! Imagine this instead: while walking down the aisle, you can see cherished moments flash before your very eyes - simply framed memories can trigger the deepest emotions.
Vivarti Recommends: Let the photos do the talking - we suggest our minimalistic Wide White Wood Picture Frame.

Bride and Groom Gallery

Bride and Groom Gallery 1 Bride and Groom Gallery 2Images from pinterest.com

You can achieve a truly personal welcome to your reception by hanging framed images that depict the journey of your relationship. By adding some ribbon or any other material for that matter, you can make beautiful one-of-a-kind decorations - they can also be great conversation starters for your guests!
You could also display photos of your parents or grandparents’ wedding days.
Vivarti Recommends: For a little rustic charm, choose our Amelia Heart Aperture Photo Frame.

Wedding Memory Table

Wedding Memory Table 1 Wedding Memory Table 2Images from pinterest.com

Possibly one of the most heartfelt ways to pay your respects to lost loved ones on your wedding day.  Setting up a memory table that displays all of their pictures is a small gesture that not only stands as testament to their memory – it will be almost as though they are actually celebrating with you.
Vivarti Recommends: Our Oak Veneer Wood Picture Frame is quite uncomplicated, giving the limelight to the picture within!

Bridal Party Introduction

Bridal Party Introduction 1 Bridal Party Introduction 2Images from pinterest.com

Of course, every wedding requires a bridal party—and they deserve to be recognised for their hard work and efforts. Introduce the beautiful bridesmaids and the handsome groomsmen to all your guests by framing their pictures with an accompanying short description.
Vivarti Recommends: Our Thin Matt Black Picture Frame will achieve the perfect minimalistic approach!

Guest Book Sign In

Guest Book Sign In 1 Guest Book Sign In 2Images from pinterest.com

For a carefully executed wedding bash that leaves nothing to chance, direct the wedding party to the guest book sign-in stations with picture frames!
Vivarti Recommends: Our Gold Finish Picture Frames are elegant and timeless - just like your most special day.

Seating Chart

Seating Chart 1 Seating Chart 2Images from pinterest.com

 For a sophisticated introduction to the seating plan, take a frame and include the seating arrangements for each table; this idea could also make the perfect backdrop for some wedding guest photographs.
Vivarti Recommends: Our Thin Silver Finish Picture Frame will guide your guests to their table in a style befitting of the most magical wedding day celebrations.

Table Centrepiece

Table Centrepiece 1 Table Centrepiece 2Images from pinterest.com

Flowers are the go-to table centrepiece for weddings but they’re often ignored or much worse—destroyed by the kids. Why not try something new? Picture frames can inject that extra oomph; you can even make a little do-it-yourself project by using three frames forged together in a triangle - add a candle or an LED light and you will have the centrepiece that tops all centrepieces!
Vivarti Recommends: For a real stand-out effect, our Black Ash Picture Frames will perfectly complement your choice of illumination.

Menu and Table Numbers

Menu and Table Numbers 1 Menu and Table Numbers 2Images from pinterest.com

Picture frames can make even the smallest of details—such as table numbers and menu—seem so much more significant!
Vivarti Recommends: Opt for our simply beautiful Silver Foil Wood Picture Frame.


For a picture perfect wedding, incorporate picture frames into your décor. The best part of all of this…? After the wedding is done, you can keep all the framed photographs for yourself – or you could even gift them away as keepsakes of your Big Day!

Make your wedding extra special with quality picture frames from Vivarti! Our frames come in a variety of colours, finishes and sizes... just choose the frame that best represents your theme and venue. For more information, please contact us on 0845 838 6886 or email us at frames@vivarti.co.uk.

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