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7 Outside the Box Ways to Display Your Photo Collage

If you want to display your photographs creatively, collages are the way to go. While the Internet may be awash with various instructions, the best way to approach the project is to let your imagination run wild… and make an arrangement that speaks for yourself.

Here’s our take on some of the most imaginative ways to display your picture frame collages:



Nothing screams elegance quite like black and white; as these are the ultimate colours of simplicity and style. The best part of this collage idea – it will look great on any coloured wall. Gather all your monochromatic images and place them in picture frames to give your home a feeling of true grace and sophistication.

Vivarti Recommends: pair your black and white pictures with equally monochromatic frames! Try our Gloss White Picture Frame.

From Floor to Ceiling


Too many photos to choose from? Here’s an idea: why not frame all of them! Fill your wall from floor to ceiling with images of the same time and variant – instantly, you will have an art gallery with a real WOW factor.

Vivarti Recommends: let your photos and artwork do all the talking with our Black Ash Picture Frame.



A little bit of crazy never hurt anybody! Break those constricting rules of symmetry by designing a chaotic photo wall. Arrange your pictures or other trinkets and knick-knacks in different frame sizes and colours.

Vivarti Recommends: go bold and daring with our Gold Finish Picture Frame.



Whoever said you can’t position picture frames together? Not only are these set ups completely gorgeous, they can also be gathered and stacked by themes. Tell a simple story… such as your most recent travels or how you and your partner met. Here’s a tip: Picture frames such as oak, mahogany and maple are the perfect range for this arrangement.

Vivarti Recommends: our Oak Veneer Wood Picture Frame has a great texture that can make your photographs stand out even more.

Hanging Frames


Want to showcase the most precious moments from your wedding day? With a re-purposed curtain rod, chains, ribbons and some picture frames, you can achieve this artistic arrangement.

Vivarti Recommends: our Natural Box Wood Picture Frame can surely make your pictures come to life.

Lean On Me


Don’t want to ruin your walls? No worries! Prop your frames up on shelves and let them lean against the wall. Simplicity itself, this collage is ideal for those who don’t want to work too hard to achieve an effective display.

Vivarti Recommends: our Thin Charcoal Picture Frame can add depth to your photographs.

Instagram Style


Inspired by the social networking service, Instagram, equal frame and photo sizes plus equal measurements make the perfect display for those who like order in their lives.

Vivarti Recommends: our Matt Black Box Frame has a deep moulding that can make your Instagram worthy photographs positively shout at you.

Say goodbye to boring walls with these unique photo collage ideas! To make your photographs stand out even more, frame them with quality and affordable picture frames from Vivarti. Our frames come in different finishes, sizes and colours – perfect for capturing all those precious moments!

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Images from pinterest.com

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