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5 Unique Family Photo Wall Ideas

Family Tree 1Image from pinterest.com

Let’s face it; we’ve all had those special moments in life that we hold most dear. Years may come and go but memories do not fade and die, rather they are treasured. Photographs have always been the primary source of our life’s inspirations; we take one look at a picture and instantly we feel a rush. Old or new, photographs are meant to be kept and well-framed.  Here are five unique ways to preserve your precious family photos:


Timeline 1Timeline 2

Images from: pinterest.com

Photo galleries are most interesting when conveyed through a storytelling approach - gather photographs together from when you and your partner first met right up to the most recent life celebration that you have shared together. Line them up along empty hallways or up the staircase. Your family timeline will surely capture the hearts of everyone!

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Family Tree

Family Tree 1 Family Tree 2

Images from: pinterest.com

Flaunt your genealogy with a family tree photo wall; you can use ready-made decals for this or – if you are feeling enormously artistic, you can try to paint it yourself. Get the kids involved in the process so they can also learn all about your family roots and their closest relatives.

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Add Wall Decals

Add Wall Decals 1 Add Wall Decals 2

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Go big and bold! Decorate your home with inventive wall decals; they can instantly brighten up any room in your house with meaningful words and minimalistic designs. Inspire your home with classic quotes or make it even more personal by adding your family names to the walls!

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Kids’ Growth Chart

Kids’ Growth Chart 1Kids’ Growth Chart 2Images from: pinterest.com

An easy way to monitor a child’s growth, a growth chart can also be a way to remember them through every stage of their lives. Reminisce over their most precious years by hanging pictures beside the growth charts – at a glance you will be able to see how much they’ve changed over the years.

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Celebrations 1 Celebrations 2

Images from: pinterest.com

  Celebrate the gift of life by eternalising your most important family milestones! Your wedding day or the day your children were born – these are probably the most treasured moments in your life. By placing photographs of these joyous occasions beside a clock that has purposely been stopped at the exact time of the celebration, this will be real tear jerker of a display.

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