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Quality, Affordable Picture Frames

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Quality picture frames at an affordable price

  • Picture Frames – the Perfect Christmas Present

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  • 7 Outside the Box Ways to Display Your Photo Collage

    If you want to display your photographs creatively, collages are the way to go. While the Internet may be awash with various instructions, the best way to approach the project is to let your imagination run wild… and make an arrangement that speaks for yourself.
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  • A Picture Perfect Wedding

    Bride and Groom Gallery 2Image from pinterest.com

    There are small moments and then there are more noteworthy occasions—times that never leave us no matter what, as they have been embedded deeply into our minds and hearts. Probably the biggest milestone in anyone’s life, weddings are among the most special events that are celebrated across the globe.

    Of course the bride and groom will be the centre of attention but the whole setup and general ambience of the wedding venue should be befitting of this mammoth occasion; you don’t need extravagant and intricately designed wedding decorations to make a statement! Affordable picture frames can be cleverly utilised to make the most personal bespoke wedding day decorations.  Continue reading

  • Picture Frames for Every Occasion

    For New Year’s Eve 1Image from: pinterest.com

    Picture frames usually stay in exactly the same place for very long periods of time. They are often left untouched – usually gathering dust. The photos inside are almost never replaced by newer, more vibrant ones: year after year, it’s all just the same.

    Your picture frames are tired of being left on the shelf! Alternatively, they can serve as heart-warming gifts and eye-catching, multipurpose decorations - all it takes is a little creativity! Continue reading

  • 5 Unique Family Photo Wall Ideas

    Family Tree 1Image from pinterest.com

    Let’s face it; we’ve all had those special moments in life that we hold most dear. Years may come and go but memories do not fade and die, rather they are treasured. Photographs have always been the primary source of our life’s inspirations; we take one look at a picture and instantly we feel a rush. Old or new, photographs are meant to be kept and well-framed.  Continue reading

  • Unusual Places to Hang Your Picture Frames

    Windows 2Image from pinterest.com

    Before you hang that frame on your bedroom or living room wall, we urge you to stop and think about it. While these rooms and their walls are commonly adorned with framed photographs and artwork, there are other places in your house that desperately need your attention. From bathrooms to windows, here are the most unusual places you can hang your picture frames:

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  • 5 Creative Ways to Hang Your Picture Frames

    Reclaimed WoodImage from pinterest.com

    The best thing about picture frames is that they are exceptionally versatile; they can be mounted on any surface, enhanced in any way you please and arranged to suit any taste or theme. Picture frames have become a modern day staple in the do-it-yourself community and a go-to section in many designer stores.

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  • Quality Picture Frames from Vivarti

    Quality Picture Frames from Vivarti

    Every photo has a story to tell; pictures are great reminders of the good times. It’s always nice to preserve our happy memories and what better way to protect your photographs than with picture frames.  Continue reading

  • Preserve your Collection: Framing your Posters

    Preserve your Collection Framing your Posters

    Image Source: slodive.com

    For some people, collecting posters is a serious business. Poster collecting can be a fun but costly hobby and one of the most important considerations should be framing those fine prints. Continue reading

  • Decorate your Living Space with Neutral Frames


    Image source: pinterest.com

     A neutral colour palette is anything but boring. Decorating with neutrals can enhance your home’s natural beauty, while at the same time adding personality to your living space. Create your own mini gallery by using neutral coloured frames.  Continue reading

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